Miss Daisy's Kitchen

Vintage recipes from a Vintage kitchen  

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Miss Daisy's Jams

Master Joseph's Strawberry 

Mummy's Boozy Apple Pie 

Master Joseph's Wimberry

Mother's Raspberry 

My wee Granny's Rhubarb and Ginger 

Master Joseph's Apple and Blackberry

Grandpa Fred's Fig and Apple 

Grandpa Cliff's Tomato and Chilli 

Miss Daisy's Marmalades and Jellies 

Nanny's Naval Orange

Nanny's Citrus Whiskey

Nanny's Lime, Lemon and Elderflower

Nanny's Orange and Dark Rum

My Wee Grannies Apple and Mint jelly

Daddy's Apple and Chilli jelly

Miss Daisy's Chutneys

The Griffalo's Red onion

Mummy's Carrottop Chutney

Daddy's Apple and Roasted Garlic

Daddy's Air Raid

Pop's Old time Beetroot

Aunty Sharon's Tomato 

Pop's Vintage Runner Bean

Daddy's Black Mountain Stout and Onion - Made with Tudor Brewery's Black Mountain Stout.

Grandpa Cliff's Sugarloaf - Made with Tudor Brewery's Sugarloaf Ale.

Pop's Picalilli

Geordie Temper Chilli Relish

Miss Daisy's Pickles 

Aunty Jo's Traditional Pickled Onions

Aunty Jo's Spicy Pickled onions

Aunty Jo's Bread and Butter Pickles

Daddy's Traditional Pickled Eggs

Daddy's Spicy Pickled Eggs

Daddy's Cowboy Candies